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Sitting is necessary all around the house, and making one quality sitting area with a unique design profile gives your house an opulent feel. D’touch brought a Designer chair collection to Malaysia; all the chairs have unique personalities. Some can be styled in contrast with each other in a beautiful manner. Dtouch is always focused on Comfort and quality without compromising the design elements. Incorporate our Designer chair into your homes and decorate your homes with our creation.

All the chairs which are upholstered can be re-upholstered and customized according to your liking or preferences. Legs of all chairs are sealed and perverse through Mild Steel in Black Epoxy Powder Coated & anti-fingerprint finish. Protective black rubber pads prevent the wood from getting chipped where it touches the floor.

Our chair collection has lounge chairs, bar stools, benches, dining chairs, and Arm & lounge chairs in vibrant and unique colors. For more information, visit our website; we are happy to help you.

Indoor chairs are a necessity for every home and a designer chair do not only provide seating but also enhance the appeal of your home. It is common knowledge that every chair in our collection has its unique profile and we curate varieties to ensure you find the one that matches your aesthetic perfectly. Our collection of designer chairs also come with fun new colors and textures to provide the best comfort for your family and guests.

A good seating area decorated with the right furniture is essential in your home, where you can spend time with your family and friends and entertain guests. Here at D Touch, we prioritize furniture comfort without compromising on quality and design. We have an extensive collection of Designer Chairs in  Malaysia that comes in different fabrics and style options to suit your space.

We provide you with different styles of seating for different areas. Our designer chairs are very versatile, you can mix and match them with other seating arrangements. This way you can uniquely decorate your home for parties and festival celebrations. For more details contact us through our website.