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Side Table

Side tables are one of the most underrated furniture in home décor. Acquiring the right designer side table can instantly give the effect of luxurious living and can tie the rest of your furniture design together. From modern style, to contemporary or minimalist living, a side table is very important as it makes every space functional. It is perfect for extra spaces in the corners created by sofas as it is small enough to fit in tight spaces. Side tables are also functional in providing a platform to store things like books or drinks in living room.

Buy Side Table Online in Malaysia

At D Touch Living Concept, we have the best collection of side tables and are one of a few that provide the option to buy a side table in Malaysia online. Our side tables or bedside tables just like all our furniture are made from quality materials with unique designs to make your home stand out. You can also customize the design of your side table to your preferred dimensions and materials to match your existing style or décor to keep your home looking chic. Visit our showroom for more designs and contact us through our contact us page to place your order.