Simple Tricks to make your small apartment look bigger

Do you live in a small apartment and sometimes feel the walls closing in on you? The stress of living in such cramped quarters can be overwhelming. By thinking outside the box and considering your options carefully, you can end up with an apartment that feels spacious and luxurious rather than claustrophobic and suffocating. Here are some simple tricks to make your small apartment look bigger than it really is.

Choose light colored walls

Dark, light, it doesn’t matter. Both can work if you’re going for an industrial loft feel. But do yourself a favor and paint any room you plan on moving into (or living in) a lighter color. White, beige, tan – whatever floats your boat is fine as long as it provides enough illumination to brighten up a smaller space. If anything else, think about how nice it will be come spring and summer when that big picture window lets sunlight stream into every corner of your home!

Avoid clutter

A cluttered home creates a chaotic, out-of-control environment. Every time you add clutter, you’re taking up space and making your home feel smaller. Keep things neat and organized by storing similar items together. Do away with anything that no longer adds value to your life or hasn’t been used in a year (this includes both physical items and electronic ones). If you have excess stuff, donate it or sell it for extra cash. By getting rid of unnecessary belongings that take up valuable real estate in our homes, we free ourselves from feeling squeezed by our own possessions. Make the choice right now to get rid of any item that doesn’t serve you.

Simple Tricks to make your small apartment look bigger

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Use large mirrors

Mirrors have a magical way of tricking us into thinking we have more space than we actually do. The effect is especially pronounced when you hang one on an opposite wall from a window or entrance way, as it creates what designers call a lens that visually expands (or magnifies) whatever lies in front of it. But be careful, too much symmetry can feel cold and vacant, like staring at a still life instead of a vibrant space. So try one large mirror across from two smaller ones for an artful balance between spaciousness and intimacy. As a general rule, using a mirror is one of the simple tricks to make your small apartment look bigger.


The easiest way to make any room appear larger is by painting an accent wall with a contrasting color. This draws attention away from less-important features (like closet doors) and makes everything else seem more uniform in size. You can paint your wall in style dividing it into three sections of differing shades: one dark, one light, and a middle section that can be a mid-tone. You could also paint an entire room a shade lighter than everything else; light colors reflect and help fill up space. Opt for medium-toned furniture and accessories—like wooden coffee tables with lighter-colored frames—to further fill out and brighten smaller rooms.


The more we use vertical space, (by adding shelves or hanging a wall of art), the bigger our rooms feel. Try adding built-in bookshelves around your bed or by placing cabinets over your kitchen sink.

Paint colors: Color can have a huge impact on how big a room feels; colors like blue and green tend to expand a room’s perceived size, while warm shades feel cozy and intimate. Use light colors on walls and bright colors for furnishings—dark colors can close in a room’s feeling by making it feel smaller than it is.

Open layouts: Even if you don’t have an open layout, aim for one that feels as though it flows well from room to room.


If you want to give your place a more spacious feel, don’t forget to invest in quality designer furniture and contemporary interiors. The sleek design of contemporary furniture and interiors makes it seem as if there is more room between pieces. They can also provide ample storage without making each room feel cluttered. Also consider going for high-end finishes and furniture made of real wood. Investing in quality will pay off over time because many stores offer great warranties with their products. This means that they are likely to replace any parts that break down after years of use at no cost to you!


Regardless of how you choose to decorate or furnish your place, one thing is for sure: You don’t want anything taking up more space than it needs. If you’ve got a cramped apartment, follow these simple tricks to make your small apartment look bigger and watch as your apartment magically gets an upgrade. So go ahead! Get creative! This list should help get you started. Good luck!


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